Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Caption this - lloyd/orton

When I visited Bronco training camp this summer I noticed Kyle Orton and Brandon Lloyd talking to each other a lot during warmups. What do you think they were saying?

I posted this question to a couple of bronco fan bulletin boards and got these responses:

"Kyle, don't look yet. See that number 15 and number 9 out there to my left?
I ain't catching no balls from those dudes."

"Richard Quinn can't even follow directions to stretch, $5 says he gets cut."

Brandon Lloyd: "Ok Kyle.. so what you are telling me is that if I rip Tebow in the media before the season starts it will help you get the starter job... but what if you suck again and Tebow ends up being the starter by the BYE week? Then where does that leave me with a pissed off Tebow who will feed the ball to every receiver but me?"
Neckbeard: "Me lose? c'mon man.. that'll never happen.. I'm a born winner. You've seen me practice..."

Lloyd to Orton, "no, he's not looking at you now, but don't look, keep pretending like you're talking to me.

Orton: "don't worry man I don't care if someone else is open, I'm locked on to you, only you"

What do you think Orton and Lloyd were talking about?