Tuesday, March 12, 2013

ESPN's Cecil Lammey at the Bronco QB Club

Here's a copy of a post I wrote for the Denver Broncos Quarterback Club on our annual meeting with ESPN's Cecil Lammey. - Tim

Members of the Denver Broncos Quarterback Club listened to an excellent hour long presentation by ESPN’s Cecil Lammey at the club’s March 11th dinner meeting.  Cecil gave a thorough analysis of the Broncos 2012 draft class, the team’s free agent prospects, and the overall state of the team heading into the 2013 season.
First Cecil reviewed last year’s rookie class:
  • Derrick Wolfe dl – He maintained a high motor through the end of the season.  He didn’t hit the rookie wall.  Wolfe gives up the middle pressure on the pass rush which is key in today’s pass happy NFL.
  • Brock Osweiler qb – If he had stayed in school he’d be a top 15 pick in this year’s draft.  Manning has been a great mentor for him as well as Adam Gase.  When Osweiler came in he had bad feet and a low release point.  Gase fixed that.  Brock has also taken to the coaching of Peyton Manning.  Reminds Cecil of Roethlisberger without the off field baggage – Brock has great upside.
  • Ronnie Hillman rb – People say he’s too small, but Hillman is bigger than Clinton Portis when Portis gained 1500 yards for the Broncos.  People say he’s poor in pass protection – but Hillman only gave up one sack this year.  He’s more than a change of pace back.  John Fox said at the combine Hillman can be an every down back.  Reminds Cecil of LeSean McCoy or Jamal Charles.  Hillman danced too much this year, but got better (with 83 yards on 22 carries in the Baltimore playoff game).  McCoy as offensive coordinator didn’t use the outside zone stretch play.  Cecil thinks Gase, the new offensive coordinator, will.  Manning loved that play when with the Colts.  Gase told Cecil “there will be changes to the run game.”
  • Omar Bolden cb – good for depth
  • Philip Blake center – Didn’t get a chance to show much in 2012 because of injury.  Nasty.  Will compete with JD Walton
  • Malik Jackson dl – didn’t see much of him
  • Danny Trevathan lb – can be better than Wesley Woodyard.
2012 free agents:
  • Keith Brooking lb – people said he was washed up but he came to the Broncos and played better than Joe Mays
  • Jim Leonhard safety – solid
  • Trindon Holiday – what was Houston thinking? Dynamic returner.
  • Dan Koppen c – better than JD Walton.  Great find off the scrap heap.
2013 draft prospects:
  • Monte Te’o lb notre dame – Cecil always had him graded as a late 1st round pick but he was climbing up the draft boards before the “girl friend” incident.  Now Te’o is back to a late first round pick.  Te’o slimmed down and was much better in pass coverage this year (with 7 interceptions).  He can cover tight ends – something the Broncos need.  Has great on field intelligence.  Broncos defense hasn’t been the same since losing Al Wilson – Te’o can be that type of middle linebacker.  Te’o will be available at #28 Cecil says.  But Baltimore is looking at Te’o at #32 to replace Rey Lewis.
  • Arthur Brown lb kstate – great human being.  Can play any lb position.  Almost better than Te’o.  Might be there in the 2nd round but still a decent pick in the late 1st round.
  • John Jenkins dl Georgia – 359 pounds.  Great run stuffer.  Can play, quick initial burst.  Could still be there in the 2nd round but Denver may take him in the first.
  • Ryan Swope wr texas a&m – a young wes welker.  Ran a 4.3 40, 2nd fastest at the combine.  A super charged Wes Welker.  This is a great wide receiver class which could drop Swope to the 2nd or 3rd round.
  • 2013 draft strong in defensive tackles – 6 or 7 will go in the first round.  Denver could get one at the end of round 1, or draft g Jonathan Cooper
See Cecil’s mock first round at the espn denver site here.
Some other interesting comments:
  • If the Jets cut Tim Tebow he could end up in Seattle as Russell Wilson’s backup.  Pete Carroll loves Timmy.
  • Having Del Rio as d coordinator for a 2nd year is a huge advantage.  Broncos may lose him after this year but this makes the 2013 defense better.
  • Adam Gase – brash, cocky, he will run the offense differently than McCoy
  • Nate Irving lb – very smart, tends to be over aggressive and over runs plays.  Need to see more of him to determine if he’s the broncos future at middle linebacker.
  • Zane Beadles g – got a lot better in 2012, walton at center didn’t
  • At the Shrine game most scouts told Cecil “Denver was the best team last year”.  The best team doesn’t always win.
  • Elway brings vision, leadership, and passion as the head of the Broncos.  Elway has an eye for talent , which he gets from his Dad.  Jack Elway was a huge fan of Drew Brees when other scouts were saying Brees was too short.  John Elway has football in his blood.
  • Tyler Wilson is Cecil’s #1 quarterback in the 2013 class.  He wasn’t impressed with Geno Smith, even though Smith will probably go in the top 10 picks.
  • Elway, when asked if the Baltimore loss was like the ’96 loss to Jacksonville, said “I hope so.  I don’t want the players to forget last year.  Don’t forget that feeling.”
Overall it was a great offseason rundown of the draft, the free agent possibilities, and the general state of the Broncos.  Cecil is one of the most knowledgeable and hard working NFL analysts around.  He attends the college all star games, the combine, and he is well connected to personnel experts and media around the league.  Cecil took questions from the crowd and stayed afterward to talk with fans individually.  It was a treat to hear his expertise for the second straight year at the Denver Broncos Quarterback Club, and we plan to make this an annual March event!  We have plans for more great meetings this Fall – join today so you don’t miss out.