Friday, November 18, 2011

Myths about Tim Tebow

I'm coming around on Tim Tebow as the quarterback of the Broncos after last night's miracle win vs the Jets. While the jury is still out on whether Tebow can be a consistent winner long term, I'm hearing some "myths" that are predicting his downfall:

1. You can't let your quarterback take as many hits as Tebow does. He's going to get hurt and won't last an entire NFL season.

Tebow is built like a fullback, not like your typical quarterback. Do you ever hear statements like "Adrian Peterson can't last a full NFL season, he can't take the pounding?" for Peterson or any star NFL running back? No. Think of Tebow as the same way. Sure any player can get hurt, but Tebow is no more susceptible to injury than any other player.

2. Tebow is an inaccurate passer. From his work in the NFL so far, this is a true statement (Tim had a 50% completion percentage in 2010 and 45% in 2011 so far). But in college Tebow was much better - with a 66% career passing percentage. I'm seeing Tebow miss open receivers he was hitting in college, so I'm thinking as he gets more comfortable with the pro game his completion percentage will rise. I also hope the Broncos allow Tebow to go back to his natural throwing motion instead of tinkering with it like Josh McDaniels tried to do.

3. The passing lanes in the NFL are tighter than in college, Tebow's passing doesn't fit the NFL game. The passing lanes are tighter and the defensive backs are better in the NFL than in college, for a traditional in the pocket quarterback. However, much of Tebow's value is in his scrambling ability. By extending the play with his feet Tebow often has receivers break open. Opposing defenses are so focused on the run when Tebow is quarterback that this also creates pass opportunities. There was another Bronco QB of the past good at extending the play with his scrambling: John Elway. In fact some of John's biggest completions were to wide open receivers after an Elway scramble.

I say give Tebow the rest of 2011, a full off season of workouts (which he didn't have last year), AND next year as the starter. By then we should know if Tim is the long term answer. The Broncos can use some shoring up at other positions in the draft this year. Unless a quarterback value falls in their laps I hope they use their draft choices for non-quarterbacks, taking the best player available at each selection, and forget about using an early pick for a qb. I do think adding a running quarterback as Tebow's backup would be a good move.

The New York papers were singing a different tune before and after the game, too:

Cartoon by Drew Litton

Monday, November 7, 2011

Satan and Al Davis talk football

SATAN: "Al, oh Al, it's been a rough few weeks for you down here. How would you like a break and see your old team play one more time?"

AL DAVIS: "Really, Satan? You'd do that for me? I thought this was supposed to be Hell."

SATAN: "Of course. You were one of my best servants on earth. It's the least I can do."

AL DAVIS: "Who are we playing this week, anyway? As you know my memory hasn't been what it used to be."

SATAN: "You'll really enjoy this matchup, Al. The Denver Broncos are visiting the Black Hole. Get this - the Broncos are starting Tim Tebow now at quarterback. I so enjoyed watching the Lions rough up that favorite son of the "other side" last week. The Broncos lost 45-10, Timmy had a 3.4 total quarterback rating and was sacked 7 times."

AL DAVIS: "Tebow??!!! Oh this sounds delightful. Can I get visitation rites to Hue Jackson before the game?"

SATAN: "You know, Al, we limit visits from the Dark Side. But for this one time, I'll allow it."

AL DAVIS: "Good. I'll tell Hue to make sure we give Timmy a proper Raider welcome to the NFL. Hits to the head. Cheap shots out of bounds. You know - Raider football!"

SATAN: "Sounds wonderful, Al. I think I'll take Sunday off to watch this myself!"

AL DAVIS: "I have a funny feeling about this, though, Satan. How do I know this isn't one of your tricks? When we had our "deal" on Earth you screwed me a few times. The Lytle fumble. The Immaculate Reception."

SATAN: "Al, Al, you are forgetting the good things I did for you and the Raiders. Getting Willie Brown to Oakland from the downtrodden Broncos in the 60's. And of course arranging for Josh McDaniels to be Broncos head coach."

AL DAVIS: "You're right Satan. I forgot about McDaniels. That was a biggie. Ok I'm in. How about the refs? Will one of your crews be working the game?"

SATAN: "Sorry Al. My boys can only work one Denver/Oakland game a year. Remember that personal foul call on the Broncos defense in the final 2 minutes that clinched the Monday night opener for the Silver and Black? That was my crew. Thought I'd give you one last Raider victory over the Broncos to enjoy in your last days as a thank you for your many years of service to the cause."


AL DAVIS: "Satan - you did it to me again!!!! 31 points in the second half by the Broncos??? Tebow running for 118 yards & passing for two td's??? My Raiders losing 38-24 to the lowly Broncos??? Oh the agony!!!!"

SATAN: "Where do you think you are, Al, Heaven? One of my better tortures if I do say so myself. I could have done without Tebow thanking the Big Guy after the game though."

AL DAVIS: "One last question, Satan. What was Carson Palmer doing as quarterback of my Raiders? Last time I saw him he was roasting hot dogs at a USC tailgate party in September!"

SATAN: "To add to your sentence down here, Al, I arranged for the Raiders to trade 2 future #1 draft picks to the Bengals for the 31 year old quarterback. How do you like that?"

AL DAVIS: "No!!!!! No!!!!! Not that!!!! This will guarantee years of awful Raider football!!!!"

SATAN: "And I'll make sure you have a front row seat to watch it all."

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tebowing better than watching Tebow

On Saturday and Sunday I had two flights from New York to Denver canceled due to an unexpected snow storm. Our bus driver said it was only the second time it had snowed in New York in October in 120 years! Sadly, I missed getting home to watch the Broncos/Lions game in Denver. But it didn't turn out so bad ...

My wife and I took a tour of New York on Sunday, which gave me a chance to participate in the new craze, "Tebowing". Here are a few pictures:

Tebowing at the Empire State Building -

Tebowing at Rockefeller Center -

Tebowing at Strawberry Fields in Central Park -

Tebowing at the Statue of Liberty -

The Broncos lost to the Lions Sunday 45-10 and Tim Tebow had a bad day. I still wonder if he has the ability to star in the NFL as I wrote in this blog after the Broncos drafted Tim:

"While Tebow's off the field activities are admirable, character alone does not make for a good NFL player. It didn't for Bobby Anderson, and it won't for Tim Tebow. I'm hoping the Broncos haven't placed too much emphasis on Tebow's winning personality in drafting him so high."

Still one game is not enough to close the chapter on Tebow's NFL career. I hope the Broncos keep starting him for the rest of the year. I'm rooting for him to succeed.

I do know that "Tebowing" around New York City on Sunday was a whole lot more fun than watching the real Tebow struggle against the Lions!