Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Behind the Scenes at Dove Valley and the Denver Huddle

On a pleasant Fall evening I was given the opportunity to see the taping of The Denver Huddle Broncos TV show at the team's headquarters in Dove Valley.

In the lobby was a display of Bronco helmets over the years, trophies the team has won, and footballs from milestone games.

The team's two Vince Lombardi trophies were prominently displayed.  I think it's about time to expand that case and add a third in February!

I remember the Broncos big win over San Diego in 1973 to clinch the team's first winning season.  Was it really 40 years ago?

We briefly were allowed access outside the Bronco locker room where a history of the team's head coaches is displayed in this mural.  Is there room for Jack Del Rio?

Long time Bronco fans will remember legendary broadcaster Bob Martin.  It was good to see the Broncos honor Martin with this picture at the team's headquarters.

Our Denver Broncos Quarterback Club group was led behind locked gates to places the general public does not get to see.

The practice fields were silent this night, a far cry from the busy training camp workouts I witnessed here three months earlier.

We walked past the weight room to the temporary set for the Denver Huddle TV show.  Here hosts Rod Mackey and Ed McCaffery talk to player guest Shaun Phillips before the cameras started to roll.

Phillips came across as a very humble team player.  He said he had no bitterness towards the Chargers after San Diego let him go in the offseason, but he was looking forward to sacking Phillip Rivers this week.

Phillips demonstrated his pass rush moves.  He said he only had two.  "You don't need 13 moves to rush the passer," he told us.  He displayed his primary move and counter move.

The Bronco Quarterback Club members in attendance listened intently and cheered on queue for the show.  I was thrilled to have a first row seat!

After the show Broncos President Joe Ellis took questions from our group.  I asked him if Denver would ever host a Super Bowl.  He said after the Giants game this year in New York members of the Broncos management stayed a couple of extra days to meet with the NFL to explore the possibility of a Super Bowl in Denver.  "They encouraged us to throw our hat into the ring," said Ellis.  He thought this year's Super Bowl in New York will be key to Denver's chances - will the big game in a cold weather city come off OK?

Overall it was a great evening to see the Broncos training facility behind the scenes and witness closeup the taping of the Denver Huddle TV show.