Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Power Of Twitter

Yesterday I was again reminded of the power of Twitter. I have several twitter accounts with one devoted to sports - www.twitter.com/sportsindenver

I check my twitter account several times a day and just before 4 pm on Monday I saw this one minute after it was posted:

@Jay_Glazer: i am reporting another shocker, mike nolan and josh mcdaniels have decided to "mutually part ways" in denver

I was shocked and disappointed with the news. I quickly checked the Denver sports personalities I follow and realized that Jay Glazer had a "scoop" here - none of the local reporters knew about the Nolan departure. I "re-tweeted" Jay Glazer's message and also posted it on two bronco "fan" message boards I participate in (www.orangemane.com and www.broncoforums.com) - it was news to these bronco forums, too! By the end of the day more than 8,000 people had read my posts passing along the news!

As for the departure of Nolan, I've calmed down since yesterday. I was disappointed since Nolan did such a great job in rebuilding the defense in the Broncos first six games this past season. Upon further reflection, though, I remembered the defense at the end of the year (especially in the final KC home game and in the Oakland home game) resembled more Mike Shanahan's 2008 defense in its inability to stop the run. I read today McDaniels may hire Dean Pees of the Patriots as the new coordinator. Pees ran the Pats defense during the undefeated regular season of 2007.

In this Boston Globe column the speculation is that a Pees defense will feature less blitzes than Nolan's. I always have liked an aggressive, blitzing defense so I'm not thrilled with the change. However, I'm willing to give McDaniels the benefit of the doubt. As one bronco internet poster wrote "All we are saying, is give Pees a chance!"

There's alot of turmoil and changes going on at Dove Valley (with 3 assistant coaches already departing from the 2009 season). We'll see what the draft and free agency brings, but as of today I think the Broncos will have a hard time matching last season's 8-8 record in 2010.

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