Monday, April 5, 2010

Greatest All Time Bronco Plays, #4 Elway to Rod Smith Super Bowl 33

#4 in my countdown of all time Bronco plays:

The Atlanta Falcons had played the Broncos tough in the first quarter of Super Bowl 33. With Denver holding a 10-3 lead Atlanta threatened to tie the game early in the 2nd quarter, driving inside the Denver 10 yard line. The drive stalled and then Morten Anderson missed a 26 yard field goal. The next play pretty much decided the game:

The Elway to Smith td gave the Broncos a 17-3 lead and they never looked back, defeating the Falcons easily 34-19. I really enjoyed this Super Bowl for a couple of reasons. Having sat through the four Bronco Super Bowl losses by big scores it was great for me to see the Broncos on the right side of a dominating Super Bowl win. Also this was John Elway's last game and his exit was impressive: 336 passing yards and named Super Bowl MVP.

Trivia: you'll notice the above highlight starts with Elway going back to pass. Fox almost missed this play because they were late coming out of a commercial. What movie commercial almost preempted this big play? Answer: The commercial was for The Matrix.

Next on my countdown: back to the 1970's for a play that changed the course of Bronco history.

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