Monday, September 20, 2010

Fan Vision Enhances NFL Stadium Experience

I was one of the fortunate Denver Bronco season ticket holders yesterday to try out FanVision - a hand held device for viewing replays, other games, stats, and more while attending an NFL game. I liked it!

You can watch ANY nfl game on FanVision in addition to the NFL red zone channel. What I liked best, though, was the replay capability. After each play you could select one of 3 replays - from a camera on the 50, from one on the 25, or one at field level. A personal instant replay system! During the Bronco/Seahawk game yesterday I replayed several plays multiple times. Once the next play starts the replay is lost but still this is a really cool feature. I liked not being dependent on the network tv feed of the game to see the replays I wanted.

I did think the audio on FanVision could be louder - with the earbuds I had the volume all the way up and I couldn't hear the Fox play by play of the game. The Red zone channel was better for volume. Also when I seated in the sun the 1st half the picture was a little hard to see. With my seats in the shade the 2nd half the FanVision replay system really shined.

Overall though FanVision gets an "A" from me. I look forward to trying it out again at this week's Broncos/Colts game!

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