Friday, December 24, 2010

12 days of McDaniels (2nd & last edition)

In the 2010 football season Josh McDaniels gave to me ...

12 Brady benchings (Quinn never saw the field)
11 rush td's from Hillis (for the Browns)
10 touchdowns from Lloyd
9 yards from Richard (as in Quinn on 1 reception)
8 Raider touchdowns (at Invesco)
7 losses past September
6 td's from Tebow
5 picks from Phonz (for the Lions)
4 games from Maroney (good trade there Josh)
3 Demaryius fumbles
2 coaches quitting (Dennison and Turner)
and 1 tape of a Niner walk through

Merry Christmas to Bronco fans everywhere, the two year McDaniels nightmare is over!

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