Monday, December 17, 2012

Wesley Woodyard at Bronco QB Club

Tonight Denver Broncos linebacker Wesley Woodyard met with 80 fans from the Denver Broncos Quarterback Club.  Like past QB Club meetings I got the chance to meet an NFL player and ask questions about his experience with the Broncos.

Woodyard was incredibly gracious with his time before speaking to our group.  Each fan in attendance could get a picture taken with Wesley ...

Or get a football signed ...

Or even get a hug!

My favorite part of the meeting was when Wesley got in front of the mike and answered questions from the fans.  Here's a sample of some of his answers:

How would you compare the three NFL head coaches you have played under with the Broncos (Mike Shanahan, Josh McDaniels, John Fox)?

Mike Shanahan was a class act.  He brought me into the NFL.

Josh McDaniels was very smart.  That's it.

John Fox is a player's coach.  He really builds team comraderie.

Did you watch the 49'ers/Patriots game last night?

I didn't see it but I was hoping the 49ers would win.  I hate the Patriots!

What's it like to be Peyton Manning's teammate?

Peyton is great.  He's one of the first in the building each day and one of the last to leave.  He jokes with everyone - just like you see him in those commercials.

Does Manning get ticked off like it appears on TV?

Oh yeah!  He goes off on the offense.  He gets fired up when something goes wrong.  Not like any other quarterback since I've been here.

Does John Elway visit practice and give his coaching tips?

John usually stays out of it.  He and Peyton are always talking, though.  Like they are teammates.

Who do you admire?

Champ Bailey.  Playing football as a kid in Georgia I always wanted to be like Champ.  He's been the same person since day one.  A great person off the field - one of my closest friends on the team.

How has Keith Brooking fit into the team?

Since Keith didn't go through training camp we didn't know how to take him at first.  But from his first day he had given us a lot of insight.  He tells us what we are doing wrong.  I tell him 'Dude, you are so old, I used to have a bobble head of yours in my room growing up!'

Is Knowshon Moreno a good teammate?

Knowshon handled himself great in the early weeks of the season when he wasn't playing.  He worked hard every week (on the scout team) to get the defense better.  The looks Knowshon gave us really helped.  Now that he's playing more he's always encouraging us.  Yesterday he told the defense, 'Get us the ball, man!  We are going to score!'

Why has the defense stopped the run better this year?

We don't want to piss Del Rio off! (laughs)  When we don't stop the run, we do.  Del Rio is a true player's coach.  Having been a linebacker in the league he can relate to us.  He's better than any of the other defensive coordinators I've had in Denver.

Wesley thanked the Quarterback Club for inviting him to speak and for supporting his 16ways foundation - a charity he sponsors to help kids.  QB Club members donated christmas gifts to Wesley to distribute to kids in his foundation (pictured above)

Wesley Woodyard is truly a class act.  He was very gracious with his time in patiently talking with each fan who wanted an autograph, a picture, or just a handshake.  He answered all of our questions with candor and humor.  He stayed at the end and personally delivered the many door prizes given out to fans.  Woodyard is not only a great football player, he's a great person who is wonderful representing the Broncos and the NFL in the community.

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