Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Live at the Broncos Huddle TV Show!

Tonight I was fortunate to have a front row seat for the recording of Channel 9's Broncos Huddle TV show!  Pictured above (from left to right) are Channel 9's Rod Mackey, player co-host Emmanuel Sanders, and player guest Malik Jackson. 

The production was done in the Broncos indoor practice facility - the UCHealth Training Center.  This was my first time for seeing this mammoth building, too.

As I walked in the door this full size cutout of a Bronco cheerleader, collecting charitable goods for the holidays, immediately caught my eye.  Behind her was the entrance to a new and expanded Broncos team store. 

The team store is much bigger than the one the Broncos formerly had in their other building.  Any fan can walk into the training facility and shop in the team store.  From the hallway you will have a good view of the practice field.

In addition to a variety of fan gear sold in the store, there were some special items, too, like this John Elway autographed game ball.

From the main hallway we could see where the Bronco Huddle recording would be done - in the corner of one of the end zones.  Our Bronco QB Club group was cleared one by one with security and we were led to the field where ...

... I got this awesome view of the whole regulation sized field, a warm place to practice on those cold and snowy Denver afternoons.  The Broncos in the past had an indoor "bubble" they practiced in.  This state-of-the-art facility was much bigger.

Banners of Bronco greats adorned the walls surrounding the practice field.  Over the end zone where we were seated were pictures of the three Bronco NFL Hall of Famers - John Elway, Floyd Little, and Shannon Sharpe.

On the side walls were banners of former Broncos in the team's Ring of Fame.

Our QB Club group felt priviledged to get this insider view of the Bronco facility and the Broncos Huddle TV show.

Player guest Malik Jackson was all smiles as he waved to us.  During the show Malik and Emmanuel Sanders talked about their week of practice and how they were not overlooking the visitors to Mile High this Sunday - the Oakland Raiders.

As part of the show, a member of the audience was picked to ask Emmanuel Sanders a question.  One of the youngest in attendance, this seven year old, did not let the TV lights phase him as he calmly asked Emmanuel, "When did you start playing football?  When do you recommend I start playing football?"  Sanders answered that he does not recommend tackle football until age 10 at the earliest.  He said he started playing at age 12.  He recommended before that to develop athletic skills playing a variety of sports and flag football.  He gave teammate Demaryius Thomas as an example of how you do not have to start at a young age to excel at this game - Thomas first played football as a junior in high school.

After the show the players returned to their meetings.  Channel 9 host Rod Mackey stayed around to chat with the fans, including the youngster who asked the question on the live show.

A new co-host for the Broncos Huddle?  No - that's me!  Rod talked to us "big kids" too.  He liked my University of Colorado jacket (Rod is also a CU Alum).  We all were given the chance to take a picture with Rod on the set.

Overall this was a great evening of getting an insiders perspective of Denver Broncos football.  Only one example of the fun and informative activities of the Denver Broncos Quarterback Club!  Don't miss out on our future events - join today!

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  1. Do you remember Joe Namath writhing in pain after Rich Jackson hit him? I was 12 years old sitting on the east side of the stadium at the 45 yard line, 30 rows up. I was the confetti kid on the east side of the stadium (the floating side). We sure had fun throwing after rare victories by the broncos. We moved to Indiana in 1971, so I haven't been back to a Denver Game since. Maybe someday but it won't be Bears (Mile High) Stadium, so not quite the same. Those visions are emblazoned in my memory, especially when Rich hit Joe on the Jets 45 yardline. Joe was gutsy though..after writhing in pain for about a minute he got back up and played. The portable van Marquis down in the SW Corner of the stadium said "Bring on the Baltimore Colts" after Denver's victory.