Thursday, August 6, 2009

bronco practice at invesco 8/6/09

I attended a Denver Broncos public practice at Invesco Field on August 6, 2009. A crowd of about 13,000 watched the Broncos go through a variety of drills followed by a scrimmage. Below are some short videos I took with my casio camera.

New Bronco quarterback Kyle Orton was unimpressive in his first appearance at Invesco. Most of his completions were just short dump off passes like these:

One of his better passes was this 18 yarder (partially obstructed at the end):

and this short one to Tony Scheffler:

Orton did not connect on his long passes. One was intercepted on a good play by cornerback Andre Goodman. Others like this one were just off the mark:

Yes Orton was unimpressive but I say give him some time. This was only a practice early in camp. I've seen Orton effective in NFL games (like last year's Thursday night game against the Saints) so I'm not ready to give up on him yet. From tonight, though, I can tell Orton lacks the arm strength of the great Denver quarterbacks of the past (Elway, Cutler, Morton). If he succeeds in Denver he'll be more of a Charlie Johnson type.

The Bronco running game had its moments. Here's a good run by Buckhalter:

and one by Hillis:

Overall it was not an encouraging night for the Broncos offense. The defense looked good (especially the secondary) but that could be in part because of the team's inept passing game.
I say not to overreact on one sloppy practice and let's see how the team looks in the 1st exhibition game 8 days from now vs. San Francisco. It'll be good to get Moreno in camp, too.

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