Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tebowing better than watching Tebow

On Saturday and Sunday I had two flights from New York to Denver canceled due to an unexpected snow storm. Our bus driver said it was only the second time it had snowed in New York in October in 120 years! Sadly, I missed getting home to watch the Broncos/Lions game in Denver. But it didn't turn out so bad ...

My wife and I took a tour of New York on Sunday, which gave me a chance to participate in the new craze, "Tebowing". Here are a few pictures:

Tebowing at the Empire State Building -

Tebowing at Rockefeller Center -

Tebowing at Strawberry Fields in Central Park -

Tebowing at the Statue of Liberty -

The Broncos lost to the Lions Sunday 45-10 and Tim Tebow had a bad day. I still wonder if he has the ability to star in the NFL as I wrote in this blog after the Broncos drafted Tim:

"While Tebow's off the field activities are admirable, character alone does not make for a good NFL player. It didn't for Bobby Anderson, and it won't for Tim Tebow. I'm hoping the Broncos haven't placed too much emphasis on Tebow's winning personality in drafting him so high."

Still one game is not enough to close the chapter on Tebow's NFL career. I hope the Broncos keep starting him for the rest of the year. I'm rooting for him to succeed.

I do know that "Tebowing" around New York City on Sunday was a whole lot more fun than watching the real Tebow struggle against the Lions!

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