Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Greatest All Time Bronco Plays, #7 Champ picks off Brady

Next in my countdown of greatest all time bronco plays: the only entry on this list where the play makes BOTH the Broncos all time list and the opponent's. Champ Bailey's game changing interception and return in the playoff game against the New England Patriots in 2006. Here's a feature from NFL Network telling the New England side of that play:

With Denver clinging to a 10-6 lead and the Patriots threatening to take the lead in the 3rd quarter, this play changed the game. It was the most important of several big interceptions for Champ Bailey in the 2005 season - the finest season I've ever seen from a Broncos cornerback. Fortunately Ben Watson's great play to cause Champ to fumble at the 1 was not ruled a touchback, and Mike Anderson's followup 1 yard touchdown run gave the Broncos a comfortable 17-6 lead.

Tom Brady came into this game with 3 Super Bowl Rings and having never lost a playoff game. With credentials like that I am sure Brady will get a locker in Canton, but for some reason he never seems to play well in games at Invesco Field. I was at this game and noticed Brady missing open receivers all game. Three years later in facing Josh McDaniels Broncos at Invesco Brady was equally off target.

Next on the countdown: a game changing play from the miracle 77 season

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