Thursday, March 25, 2010

Greatest All Time Bronco Plays, #9 Louie Wright's Blocked FG Return

Continuing the countdown of my all time greatest bronco plays:

Louie Wright returns a field goal blocked by Dennis Smith to beat San Diego in Overtime in this 1985 game:

I can't remember old Mile High Stadium being any louder than when Louie Wright was running this blocked kick in for a touchdown. What looked like defeat was transformed to sudden victory in just a few seconds! This play was actually a "replay" - just before the Broncos blocked San Diego's field goal and looked to be running in for the winning score, when the refs ruled that the Broncos had called timeout before the play began. The crowd was stunned. The Broncos solution? Do it again! Dennis Smith broke through to block the field goal, and there was no way a kicker was going to catch Wright as he ran for the winning score.

This game was key to the Broncos finishing 11-5 in 1985, however that was also the year an 11-5 record did not get the team a spot in the playoffs. One year later an 11-5 record won the AFC West and the Broncos went to their first John Elway Super Bowl.

Next: So many good highlights to choose from! I'm going to throw in an "honorable mention" play, one that didn't make my top 12 but deserves another look.

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