Monday, March 15, 2010

Thumbs Up on the Brady Quinn Trade

The Broncos traded Peyton Hillis and two late round future draft choices for Cleveland Browns quarterback Brady Quinn yesterday. I like this trade. I first saw Quinn in action in the 2007 preseason when the Browns played the Broncos in Denver's first home game of the year. The score is long forgotten (the Browns won 17-16) but Brady Quinn looked good that night. The nfl writeup for the game says "Brady Quinn delivered his second straight standout performance for the Browns, as he completed 7-of-11 passes for 81 yards and a touchdown."

Quinn did not build on his good rookie preseason performances as he has suffered through three injury plagued mediocre years in Cleveland. I saw Quinn when the Browns played the Broncos in the first home game of the 2009 season and I was not as impressed.

I think Quinn is shell shocked by playing for a bad Cleveland team and here's hoping Josh McDaniels and a more potent Denver offense can revive the career of this former #1 draft choice. Don't look at Cleveland highlights to see the potential in Quinn. Instead look back at his college career at Notre Dame. Here's a video of Notre Dame Quinn highlights. Note around the 1:25 mark Quinn shows good running ability followed by an accurate deep pass - two abilities lacking in Denver starter Kyle Orton last year.

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  1. Please review the Broncos' final KC game last year, and Orton's TWO deep passes to Gaffney, highly contested and right on the money. At one time, Orton needed work on his deep game, but that he is inaccurate now is a myth.

    Otherwise, thanks for the videos of great Broncos moments.